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About Us

Razmin is a brand of M/s Qureshi Enterprises, which started in 1997 with limited resources and gradually emerged as Pakistan’s No.1 FMCG importer and distributor of food items. QE introduced a new range of culinary products, by the name of Razmin. The brand is meant for those who appreciate good food and wish to take cooking experience to the next level. Razmin product range caters to Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes as well as to those domestic consumers who want to create fine cuisines at home. Along with changing times, tastes and consumer preferences continue to evolve as well. QE identified this niche in the market and came up with a perfect value-adding solution that could make its own place.

Our Product Categories
Razmin Sauce Series
Razmin Sesame Oil
Razmin Can Series
Recipes by Razmin
Quick and Easy Chinese Chicken With Oyster Sauce
Stir-Fried Beef With Oyster Sauce
Hoisin Shrimp With Broccoli
Worcestershire Sauce Marinade For Steaks
Video Gallery